And when we kissed it felt weird, it felt familiar, like I had kissed him a million times before, like I had known his lips, needed them, my whole life, like I had known HIM my whole life. Maybe from another life, maybe from all the lives that I have lived.

Mask / Máscara

I'm too good at hiding my emotions, keeping the mask on my face. That's my curse.

Soy demasiado buena escondiendo mis emociones, manteniendo la máscara en mi rostro. Esa es mi maldición.

“What happened to you?… You used to have all these great ideas, now all you seem to do is browse the internet. Maybe that’s why you don’t write anymore”

– Girls


Imagine how creative your mind has to be to create voices and images inside your head to the point you believe they’re real!

Sometimes I even envy schizophrenic people… Ok ok, I take that back. Seriously, though, those people could be AMAZING movie makers, writers, painters, artists, etc. For fuck’s sake, if doctors and scientist could take the time and find a way to help them project those thoughts and create great things instead of trying to make them shut it all down, if there was a way they could stop being afraid of the voices and images and pay attention to them instead, they could be great artists!

Maybe all those great artists who ended up killing themselves were schizophrenic, and maybe if someone had helped them turn those thoughts into more amazing stuff they wouldn’t have killed themselves, we would still be enjoying their awesome art.


She’s my best friend,
She’s my confidant,
She’s the one I talk to
About the things
No one else would understand
The way she would.

‘Cause only she could
Make me come
Back to myself
So I can see through
All those poisoned thoughts
That sometimes slip into
My brain and conscience
And make me forget
How capable I am
Of fighting my own fights
And winning my own wins.

‘Cause only she could
Make me feel invincible
And capable of
Achieving my own goals
And getting the success
I’ll someday own.

‘Cause only she could
Give me her love and support
And let me know
She’ll always be there
For me and the things
No one else would understand
The way she would.