– It’s just… I don’t think I can handle being hurt like that again. I really don’t think my heart can survive through that again. And right now you’re making it harder for me to be careful with my heart around you. – she said. At that moment her voice was breaking more and more with each sentence.

– Are you really crying? – He asked, surprised. – Dani. No. SHIT. I’ve never seen you cry before.

– That’s because, that night,  I left right before the tears came. – he heard through her sobbing. – I’ve never cried for so long and so much in my life. I hurt so bad.

– Don’t tell me this. I’m starting to regret coming here tonight. – he could feel his own cheeks wet.

– No, don’t. I’m telling you this because if we’re going to do this, if I’m giving you a second chance, it is the last chance. And I need to give you my full trust that you won’t do it again, so I’m letting you know how much power you hold in your hands, how much power you’ve always held and always will hold. I’m giving you my whole heart right now

And so he held her heart, and he held her, all night long, even after they both stopped crying, crying tears that were sad at the beginning and ended up being tears of happiness, and hope, and love.


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